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Pilates Matwork with Bee | PREMIERE : 8 April 2020 | 5PM

Get your mat ready for another Matwork Class from the Pilates Station.

Pilates Matwork Class with Kru Hi. | PERMIERE: 1 April 2020 | 5pm | Length: 14min

Kru Hi will energize you and bring strength into your body. Get your Pilates-Mat on the floor and join us!

Pilates Matwork with Patricia Duchaussoy.

For everyone grounded at home due to Covid-19: Full Pilates Mat workout provided by Patricia Duchaussoy at the Pilates Station in Bangkok.

Pilates Matwork Class with Kru Fai

Express workout @ Home with Kru Fai. Get your mat ready!

Pilates Matwork with Kru Yok

Due to Coronavirus crisis we all have to stay at home, sitting on our desks. These exercise are especially for people who have to sit a lot.

Matwork with Patricia Full Workout Class

Full workout. Flowing Class with Patricia Duchaussoy, international Pilates Instructor Trainer. | Length: 50 min

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